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Workshop on Open Source Computer Algebra

Workshop on Open Source Computer Algebra

Workshop on Open Source Computer Algebra

Tuesday 21st - Thursday 23rd of May 2002
Lyon, France
Amphi G3, Bâtiment enseignement [A]
University Claude-Bernard Lyon I, Campus de Gerland
50, avenue Tony-Garnier, Domaine de Gerland, 69366 Lyon Cedex 07

Organizing committee: Daniel Duparc, Bernard Mourrain, Bernard Parisse, Fabrice Rouillier, Marie-Françoise Roy, Nicolas Thiéry, and Paul Zimmermann.

Local organizers: Nicolas Thiéry, Gilles Villard

Contact: nthiery@users.sf.net

Web page: http://www.lapcs.univ-lyon1.fr/~nthiery/CalculFormelLibre/workshop.html


This workshop was organized with the support of the GDR Algorithme, Langage et Programmation, of the AS "Calcul Formel", of the Laboratoire de l’Informatique du Parallélisme (ENS-Lyon), of the INRIA, and of the Union des Professeurs de Spéciales.

Here is a preliminary version of the report on this workshop.

1 Scope

The organization of this workshop was initiated after long discussions on the French mailing list calcul-formel-libre@math.cnrs.fr last autumn, where the lack of an open source computer algebra system was deplored. See http://www.math.cnrs.fr/archives/logiciels-formels/ for the archives, and http://www.lapcs.univ-lyon1.fr/~nthiery/CalculFormelLibre/ for a tentative summary (in French).

The aim of this workshop is to gather potential users and developers from academy and industry, in order to:

Here, by free we mean open source, and more precisely compatible with the GPL (see http://www.fsf.org/licenses/license-list.html#GPLCompatibleLicenses); by system we mean indifferently a software or a collection of software.

2 Registration

To register to the workshop, please send an e-mail to Helene Zganic (Helene.Zganic@loria.fr), with the following information:

If you plan to attend the banquet, please send your registration form before may 10th!

We basically need to know the number of participants in order to organize the coffee breaks, the lunches, and the banquet. There is no registration fee. The banquet will be offered, or proposed at a low price if there are more than 50 participants. The lunches will be taken at the ENS-Lyon. The participants have to take care for themselves for the lodging. You can find some suggestions on http://www.loria.fr/projets/spaces/cfl.html.

3 Tentative program

Poster sessions will take place during the whole workshop. If you would like to present a poster about some software, please send us a description before Mai 15th.

Tuesday May 21st, afternoon

Theme: definition of the goals and constraints

Wednesday May 22nd, morning

Theme: Development Tools and Models

Wednesday May 22nd, afternoon

Theme: Existing platforms and software

Thursday May 23rd

This final day will gather the participants who want to get personally involved in a "free computer algebra system" project. Volunteers are warmly welcome! Please note that this does not necessarily require special technical skills, as much of the work will consist in beta-testing and writing documentation. The goal is to write down a synthesis document for this workshop, to define the main lines of the project, and last but not least to find volunteers to contribute!

4 Guidelines for presenting a software

Here are some questions that we would like you to answer about the software you are going to present. Please be helpful: avoid hype, and be as neutral as you can!

5 How to come ?

Coming by car: well, just check a map of Lyon; you cannot miss avenue Tony Garnier on it (south of Lyon, on the east side of the Rhône). But prepare for some trouble finding a parking lot.

Coming by plane: there is an international airport in Lyon Satolas, with a bus shuttle that takes you downtown to the railway station "Lyon Part-Dieu" (around 20 euros round trip). Alternatively, there are direct fast trains (TGV, 2 hours for 500 kms) on a very regular basis between the international airport Paris Charles-de-Gaule and Lyon. The price of the train is about 120 euros round trip.

Coming by train: there are two main railway stations in Lyon, many trains going through both of them. We suggest that you use "Lyon Part-Dieu", though "Lyon Perrache" is not much further away from the campus. See http://voyages.sncf.fr/ for schedules, fares and reservations.

Now, coming from the railway station "Lyon Part-Dieu" to the campus is rather easy. Just beware that this is not the main campus "La Doua" of the university Lyon I. The workshop indeed takes place in new buildings, nearby the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

Take the subway, line B, all the way down to "Stade de Gerland" (south of Lyon). At the exit, walk to the west, on avenue Tony Garnier, about 200 meters past the gas station; there are constructions so only the pavement on the right of the avenue is walkable. Cross the street at the light. The building [A] is the 3 stories building with a wood and glass structure that stands in front of you.

You can also check the web site of the Transports Communs de Lyon http://www.tcl.fr/.

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